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"This Is An Exclusive Online Opportunity With VERY Limited Places!!"

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Dear Entrepreneur,
My name is Sean Clark. You may not know me, so let me tell you a little more about myself, and how I can help you earn more money on the Internet...than you ever could in your normal job. I'm a very successful Internet Marketer and my most successful web site earns over $37,000 USD per month. Not only that, it is guaranteed to increase EVEN MORE each month!! Watch the video below and take 10 minutes out of day to read through my web site. 


Summary: Not only will I be handing you the secrets to my income, but I will be giving you a free replicated, and automated, web site so that you can duplicate my results.

Check Out The Video Below!!


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So you're probably asking "what is this AMAZING & VERY PROFITABLE product that earns Sean Clark $37,000+ per month"... The Answer:
(Selling Co-Registration Opt-In leads)

What is AdBlastTheWorld?

AdBlastTheWorld (a.k.a - ABTW) offers a unique Internet Marketing solution, that has been proven to drastically increase clients' visitor stats, online sales, affiliate sales and even their Google Adsense earnings! ABTW is a top leader in E-mail Marketing and Co-Registration Leads, as we provide clients with huge targeted Opt-In lists and Solo Ad services at crazy wholesale prices. 

NOW, here's the good part!!...

Due to this great product, and small room for competition, I am prepared to give you my Opt-In Email Leads to RESELL so that you too could earn over $30,000 per month!! YES, I will say it again; I'm offering you an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to resell one of the most profitable digital products on the net - through your very own Automated Resellers Website!  



Thank you so much, Sean. Without your help I never 
could have imagined success would come so easily. Some of my clients are reporting earnings of $10-$20,000 a day, with the most successful being $156,000 at the end of the week! Kudos! Cheerio! Woohoo!

Ron Lester 
Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 440-243-4950


What Exactly Are The Products To Resell?

You've heard it a hundred times or more...You've gotta have a list, you just got to have a list! Imagine being able to build your opt-in list INSTANTLY with 200,000 new opt-in leads. You could mail your advertisements everyday using the software we provide you with. (That could be a lot of money for you already!)
NOW...Imagine being able to resell your list to those hungry Internet Marketers and online business owners who struggle to build their own list and make the sales they want. You can be their solution!!
With our huge resources of obtaining high quality fresh opt-in leads, you can create any number of leads packages to resell; OR you can use our FREE & AUTOMATED web site to do the reselling for you - DIAMOND PACKAGE




You can:






Resell rights are among the hottest business opportunities on the Internet today - this is a proven fact!! So combining this with ABTW (the hottest Internet Marketing solution online) will UNLEASH a great earning potential!! 

Take advantage of my:










Is This For Real

My ABTW site has been online for less than a year and currently brings in over $37,000 per month!  
Let me layout some facts and evidence for you:


I purchased the domain name of on: 13-MAY-2007
Click For Real Time Proof of Domain Registration


ABTW was finally created & went public in August - I made just made over $4,000!!


In October I earned over $7,000


In November I earned over $15,000 and in December I earned over $19,000


In January I realised I was going to resell this opportunity, therefore I started to make video recordings of my earnings.


In January I Earned over $26,000+(16,684.36 EURO) - click for proof


At the end of February I earned over $29,800+ (19,275.29 EURO) - click for proof


March brought in over $37,000+ (24,584 EURO) - click for proof


Resell-ABTW went public in April.


Due to my intense sales I am ranked 3rd in PayDotCom with over 1,000 competitors Click For Proof


The proof is indisputable - and these earnings could be yours!!


As an online marketer wanting to grow my list I found this 
service essential. I was suspicious at first but decided to 
give it a go thinking "there's not a lot to lose and a great
deal to gain". One of the best marketing decisions I've made."

Steve Lambert


The Benefits Of Reselling AdBlastTheWorld

If you're looking for a high-profit, no-hassle product, with unlimited earning potential, then look no further!!
Reselling ABTW has tremendous advantages: 

- Proven sales/track record: ABTW virtually sells itself. Advertising is inexpensive and my return profit is always huge!! Why? - Because I sell what people need!

- High conversion rates: The sales pitch, and solo ads, have been professionally written. Conversion rates are at their maximum! ABTW's products have mass appeal!!

- Keep 100% of the profits: Once you become our member, you earn the right to resell your ABTW product over and over and over again, keeping 100% of the profits to yourself.

 - Unlimited Support: My professional customer service will handle all your queries quickly and effectively. If you client asks you a question about this product, which you are unsure of...simply contact us, and we will give you the answer, in which to provide your client with.

- 100% Rebrandable: You will never lose clients to ABTW as we don't put our name on any aspect of the product. Every customer will believe this is your very own original product.

- Gain personal freedom: The most enticing aspect of starting your own ABTW, is the opportunity it provides to gain control over your own life.

- Reap financial benefits: Working from home allows you to save on commute time, gasoline and transportation expenses. There's no need to buy power suits; you save on rental payments; and overhead costs are cut significantly.


- More quality time with your family: ABTW allows family members to be involved in the business. Husbands or wives can help in various aspects of the business, while children have the opportunity to see what their parents do for a living.

- REDUCE stress: ABTW can reduce the stress of juggling the demands of your work life with those of your private life. You can work while staying at home to care for a sick child, or continue to work late at night after preparing and sharing dinner with the family. Since you are your own boss, you only need to follow the deadlines and schedules you have set for yourself.

- Competition: We basically don't have competition!! There is not one single co-registration leads company that can match our price in terms of quantity and quality! AND, to keep your competition to a minimum we are only allow 30 members to join, and only a maximum of 3 people will share leads. (each client will usually only share leads with other reseller)

- Exploit tax advantages: You can do this work from home! This means that a % of your rent, mortgage payment, depreciation, property taxes, insurance, utilities, & expenses for household maintenance, repairs, or improvements is deductible. You can also be entitled to deduct expenses from using a vehicle for your business, including gas, insurance, depreciation, etc. 
- 99% Automated: If you choose the Diamond Membership you will receive an automated web site that practically does everything for you; saving you time and money.


You will be able to keep 100% of the sales/profits, rather than earning a commission

You can create your own product packages, offer trails, and different upgrade plans

Your can set the prices of your products

You will have full control and can deal with your customer directly!!


ONLY A FEW Lucky People Will Have The Opportunity To Resell And MASSIVELY Profit From My HOT & In Demand Product!


Sean, love your Reseller program of ABTW. This is seriously one of the most
solid & easy to use turnkey business models I've ever seen. Not only is this system something that's in demand, you also provide highly effective  marketing tools.  I've yet to find somebody willing to hand over their PPC
campaigns & keywords! I'd almost say you were insane if people weren't
making so much money copying your success! Great work, you've made a fan
for life!

Jonny Andrews

So Why Buy Resell Rights To ABTW?


When you purchase the resell rights to our ABTW, you purchase the key to unlimited earnings. You can pay once - and sell over and over and over again. There are no royalties, no additional fees, and you gain the right to resell my product in any way you want!

You can package it with other products in order to increase the perceived value of your products

You can give it away for free to encourage memberships and sales of your own services.

You can give it away for free to encourage memberships and sales of your own services.

You can sell it from your site - Click Here if you don't have one

If you don't have a web site, or if you don't have the time and resources to create your own "Ad Blast The World", you can choose our *NEW* Diamond Membership!! 


This is a once and a life time opportunity - I am giving SELECTED People FULL & EXCLUSIVE Resell Rights to all of my products & site content
What's Included:
- 99% Rebrandable FREE & Automated Web Site  
  (We paid over $2,000 to have it created)
- Our sales copy proven to convert visitors into buyers - valued at $5,000  
- FREE Web Hosting for LIFE! (Costs $94.20 per year)
- FREE Web Domain (Costs $12 per year)
- 3 Products Available On Your Site - You choose the prices!
- We will handle ALL your sales, refunds, queries and even send your clients 
  product every week. Receive payments via PayPal or Check. You just need to 
  advertise your new site.
- You can track your visitor stats, sales & conversions with the click of a button
- You don't have to purchase our Leads Packages, as we will send 
  your products to your customers for you!!
- Easily select the price of all your products - earn $27 - $110 per sale!
- Built-in referral program - If your clients wish to become a reseller, like you, 
  you will earn a commission ranging from $48 - $90 per sale, which will 
  continue to payout every time their subscription renews.

- Advertising Solutions - I will give you all my successful marketing and 
  promotional methods that have produced well for me! 
- You can use & edit 99% of your new site - Add, Edit & delete pages
- You can use my graphics and professional headers or upload your own
- 20 Professionally Designed Headers & 25 Logos to choose from, with many
  more high quality graphics to come.
- You can use my personal case study on your site with video proof
- ALL my bonuses will be made available to your members in their account
- No HTML NECESSARY - Design your site with ease from your Admin Section
- Free service that will save you sales & increase conversion up to 25%. A 
  virtual live assistant will offer your leaving visitors a discount if they join.   
- Video Tutorials On EVERY feature to help you get started quickly!!
- FREE updates for life (very exciting new features to be added soon)
so much more...


Just Some Of Your Admin Panel Features:  

 Rewrite, modify, edit, add and delete pages

 Password Protected Members Area for your clients

 Registration form for new clients to register after payment

 Select your prices for each product

 NO Web Design knowledge necessary - HTML Editing Available

 Change your company name and slogan

 Change your company header and logo or design and upload your own

 Upload images with ease

 Support Area for your clients

 Your very own newsletter with CSV export options


Free Bonuses:  

 Free Web Site Valued At $2,000

 Free Web Hosting & Web Domain Valued At $106

 Free Use Of Our Sales Pitch That Cost Over $5,000

 20% Discount On All Reseller Packages Within Resell-ABTW

 Free Use Of Our Solo Ads To Brand As Your Own - Cost $1,000

 Free Excel Business Account - & List Of Recommendations

 Our CPC Keywords & Ads - Library of Readymade Answers

 $25 Free Yahoo Advertising Credit...

 Free Internet Marketing eBook Guide

 LOADS of free Sales Page Graphics For Your Site

 FREE Internet Marketing Training Videos With Master Resale Rights - $300


Compared To Earning $37,000 per month - This investment is minute!

Your payment is the cost to install and maintain your site. We will provide you with unlimited support and you will also receive new future upgrades for FREE!! 

Alternative Payment Method:


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It really was very easy if you just follow the step by step 
Even a "newbie" can have their business up and running in no time. The hard work has already been done for me. All I have to do is copy and paste. What could be easier? Thank you so much, Sean, for creating this exciting new opportunity for me,

Linda Bryan

How Much Could I Earn Per Month With This Automated Web Site?

How long is a piece of string? As you are combining the hottest way to earn money (reselling) with the hottest Internet Marketing Product to resell (Our Co-Reg Opt-in Leads), your earning potential is literally unlimited!!

Lets say your goal was to make just one sale per day, for each product on your web site:

The minimum you could earn per sale for product 1 is $27. One sale per day would be $810 per month.


The minimum you could earn per sale for product 2 is $80. Just one sale per day would amount to $2,400 per month.


AND the minimum you could earn per sale for product 3 is $100. That would be an additional $3,000 per month. 


Now, imagine your made more than just 1 sale per day for each product?

2 Sales per day: $12,420 per month


3 Sales per day: $18,630 per month


4 Sales per day: $24, 840 per month

The sales records of AdBlastTheWorld prove that over 80% of your clients will renew their subscription for a second month. So, if in month 1 you earn $6,210 of new clients, $4,968 of these clients will renew into month 2 (80%/100% x $6210 = $4,968) Add this to your $6,210 of new clients for month 2 and your total for month 2 would be $11,178!



Don't want to use our automated Diamond Program? Would you prefer to resell our products yourself and to use them to promote your own business?

We are the ONLY bulk opt-in email and solo ad provider that can offer you quality for price!! We sell our wholesale lists and solo ads at 1900% rate below the retail price, as shown below:


Opt-in Leads
(200,000 Leads)

Solo Ad Service
(Delivery To 800,000)
Resell Product
(Resell Rights)

$99.97 / $263.91

$1,998.00 / $0
Q-Prospects $2,594.00 / $0
Rent-A-List  $0 / $900

(These companies above would use a wholesale supplier similar to Resell-ABTW)

Now, imagine if you sold these leads at the same prices as the companies shown above - you would have an extremely high income!!

Our Starters Resell Rights Package allows you to test the very potential of this amazing opportunity. 

You will be able to offer your customers 200,000+ fresh opt-in leads every month. We will send you the leads in batches of 50,000 so that you can create a weekly or monthly subscription service. These leads will contain full name, full address, email address, IP address, and more. 

We recommend you sell this product between $50 to $60. Just 2 sales will pay for your membership to  

Hot Bonuses:


Tools to get your started!
Excel Business Account - A Guide To Teach You How To Use The Leads - List Of Recommendations That Have Increased My Sales Considerably - My CPC Keywords & Ads - Library of Readymade Answers To Queries.
Don't Waste Time - Get Your Resellers Licence Today!!

Only $99.97!

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Take advantage of our Deluxe Resell Rights Package by saving yourself $99.97.

That's right - I will give you are most recent 3 months of opt-in leads for the price of 2. These leads will contain full name, full address, email address, IP address and more. 

With this package you will be able to offer your customers a variety of plans. For example: 50,000 leads per week; 200,000 leads per month; or 600,000 leads every 3 months. 

Hot Bonuses:


The Above Bonuses, plus:

2 Sets of Sales Page Graphics (Worth - $15)
Testimonial Graphics, Guarantee Seal, Download & Buy It Now Buttons, Bullets, Backgrounds, Affiliate Images, Add To Cart Buttons and many more professional designs.

Internet Marketing eBook (Worth - $15)

This eBook is GREAT. It helped me so much when I first got started AdBlastTheWorld. It covers the following:

Internet Business Ideas, Secrets of Winning Traffic, Through Search engines, Buying Advertising & Keeping Customers, Exploding Your Profits Through Email Marketing, Creating Newsletters That Sell, Joint Ventures For Success Selling Information Products Online, and more.



Only $199.94!
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Our Platinum Resell Rights Package has REAL value for money - I will give you our most recent 5 months of opt-in leads for the price of 3 months - that's 2 months absolutely FREE!! We recommend you sell this product between $200 to $250. These leads will contain full name, full address, email address, IP address and more. 

Hot Bonuses:



All of The Above Bonuses, plus:

150+ Videos - 22 Hours Of Quality Training - And Master Rights To Each Collection! (Worth $300)

- 29 Easy & Instant Web Design Tricks
- 15 Easy Ways To Boost Your Web Site Response
- 5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic For Free
- 7 Fast Ways To Get Great Links To Your Web Site
- 10 Easy Steps To A Google Friendly Page
- How To Master Web Graphics In 10 Easy Steps
- 18 Fast Ways To Explode Your Opt-In List

For Full Details On This Product Please Click Here

All of these bonuses are fantastic and each has Master Resale Rights. You can sell these items individually or package them as bonuses for your existing products. 

Only $293.91!
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ABTW not only sells Opt-In Leads, as you know, but Premium Solo Mailings too. This service is ideal for clients who know little about opt-in leads and email marketing, or who do not have the time to send their own solo ads. Therefore they can benefit from our Mailing Servers by letting us send their Solo Ads to over 200,000 opt-in recipients!! 

The Premium Solo Ad Service allows your clients to use our servers to send their own Solo Ad to 200,000 fresh opt-in leads. They can write, edit, preview, confirm, send and monitor their ad in real-time. You can easily integrate this feature into your own site using our html coding; or, you can send your customer directly to the Premium Solo Ad site. Check out the demo account below.





This package sells for $189.97 on If you sold it for the same price as us, you would earn $100 for your first 3 clients. As we give you a 4th mailing free, you would earn the full price of $187.97

Total of $487.97 PROFIT


1. Downloadable Video Tutorial - Will teach you how to use our Solo Ad System

2. Top 9 Tips & Secrets To Writing Effective Solo Ads


Only $263.91!

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hy go out to work every day when your morning commute can be as easy as the trip from your coffee pot to your kitchen table? When your "office" is online, you can work from any place, in any country, where there is web access. 

So if the idea of working at home a few hours a day and making a regular, steady income attracts you, take a closer look at all the reasons why ABTW Resell Rights is one the hottest businesses on the Internet. 


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